Thursday, May 28, 2009


Whenever I go alone
Seems as if me totally blown,
Give me power to do this aside
O God ,help me , stay by my side...

Knowing or don't Know about
Never was that nervousness to flout,
Always walking ,considering to have a ride
Do help me, stay by my side...

Yeah! gathering my strength
To push myself up to a proper length,
Telling all as if nothing to hide
O God, help me , stay by my side...

No rhythm or rhythmic
Yes,there was something to pick,
Understanding everything with this plight
Do help me, stay by my side...

Impart that power to glide and decide ,
Power to manage every wave with all it's tide!
To me, just give an ear --
God help me , stay by my side !!


Sitting with chairs around
Inviting everyone, and opened-up;
Silently depicting the crux of everything
Life as if a Merry-go-round !

Sitting and noticing everyone
Having some stranger-position;
Me to company ,one tree
Life as if some awkward situation !

Sitting among some leaves scattered
Stuck with the wetness of the ground;
Ambiance, as if out-of flavor flavored
Life as if something has gone wavered !

Sitting and hitting something right in the block
Saying something with adept muteness;
Suggesting something with unclear tone
Life left as if one Fairy-Land Forlorn !!


Living like Frogs,
Frogged we are .
Just like every time ,water out of flow,
Somewhere logged we are !

Out of flow, out of shape, columns full of mishap,
Talk of irrelevant things, full of gap.
Nobody, but we are to blame,
As we are pointless, without any flame !

So-called intellectuals ,sit in their own well,
Talking of impractical things ;
Through Wiser mind's paper inspired to write,
Our life Rotten,caught by blight !

What We want is ,Real feel of realization,which
Aristophanes once defined,
With sense of proportion to be underlined !!