Friday, October 29, 2010


You and I go on a road of motion,

Of substance there-

The loss of substance with a feel,

Gone is all other despite solution and zeal.

The roads form and split,

The inner iron without looking at past;

The past riven with success

Mystifies today with lost axis.

Follow the roads -- the walking roads-

Deviate and it leaves you,

Reroute and it cautions:

‘I’m the walking road needing judgment and diligence’.

Severing the glooms of dust, the one

who clears the road’s matrix

becomes the needed Ulysses of now and fore;

the one we heard about in a chronic folk-lore.


Love, a sweet aroma to attract,

A rosy sound to enchant,

A palpable feel to evoke,

More becomes – a penchant.

The welts and warps of emotions

Keep bonding apace,

Fill remote rambling gaps

And prevent all space.

No demands no complaints,

But somewhere these creep up;

These are leaves of love

Some day will rise up.

Colossal prospect dooms to fall:

A stumbling block that love can’t sever,

Space to me, space to you

Reserves love forever with you.


The ready feet to jump,

The aching heart to pump,

The day as a hump,

calls the meteor to scratch skin and peel.

The moments that cannot heal find a gap to rest,

Yes, the facts were taken abreast,

As I went to take a test,

Hue and screams jolted the moment

to gather the moment in total stride with no lament.

The gushing line running after time,

Submerged in the myth of mime,

The chosen path was my sign

that lingers and plots time with time.

Taken out of mime-myth-

The ever-ready feet is ready to jump

and heart readily pumps,

The risen ruined run reminds reserved rotten reprisals

The day now is not hump but a

lump insoluble, divisible just to make us numb.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The noxious smell out of the window
makes me subconscious,
When I walk forward to take some steps-
Something stops me utterly vicious.

This smell comes from every space.
This all-pervasive challenges us,
laughs at us, at our defencelessness-
Creeps into the steel-body to steal all gladness.

It is a smell of self-love,
Making us all crippled
to do something for others-
We all are but dummies of ourselves, we actually don’t differ.

The world drowned in it, splashing
The people playing the blame-game,
Seems whatever steps we take-
It will more or less remain all the same.


Remove the red-spots,
Negate the negative-nods
Invite thinking heads-
To clean the filthy lots.

Remove those who make abnormal normal,
Negate those who practice the above formal
Invite thinking heads-
To clean the maximum that was minimal.

Remove the weeds of society,
Negate those who create anxiety
Invite thinking heads-
To clean the debris, created despite the presence of the Almighty!

Remove thinking heads that only think,
Negate those who pose they shrink.
Come-on working heads, do your bit
Lest this squealing world will take no time to split!


When green age made me to glean

When I believed the world,

As I have seen

The slap of time dragged me;

and hence teaches me to be mean.

To be honest is a great curse

that strips off the belongings,

Where are those values taught,

All is pretention just to be closed in purse.

I am not the one I was,

Everybody knows this one’s cause.

This double-game lies inside everyone-

This loss is nothing to grieve, but fun.

People aching in making me what I’m not,

This soul unable to adjust with what I’ve got

The fatal-strife has altered me to the marrow:

My own space squeezed and bowed down to the deadly-lot!