Thursday, May 28, 2009


Sitting with chairs around
Inviting everyone, and opened-up;
Silently depicting the crux of everything
Life as if a Merry-go-round !

Sitting and noticing everyone
Having some stranger-position;
Me to company ,one tree
Life as if some awkward situation !

Sitting among some leaves scattered
Stuck with the wetness of the ground;
Ambiance, as if out-of flavor flavored
Life as if something has gone wavered !

Sitting and hitting something right in the block
Saying something with adept muteness;
Suggesting something with unclear tone
Life left as if one Fairy-Land Forlorn !!


  1. One of the best poems I have ever read.
    It couldn't have been better than this!!!

  2. Yes madam, it's really good. Plunged in love with the third stanza. You've shown a harrowing feeling of loneliness with such tranquility. Powerful contrast!

  3. it seems the poet had hidden a vast amount of sorrow inside herself and at tymes feel very lonely...