Friday, October 29, 2010


The ready feet to jump,

The aching heart to pump,

The day as a hump,

calls the meteor to scratch skin and peel.

The moments that cannot heal find a gap to rest,

Yes, the facts were taken abreast,

As I went to take a test,

Hue and screams jolted the moment

to gather the moment in total stride with no lament.

The gushing line running after time,

Submerged in the myth of mime,

The chosen path was my sign

that lingers and plots time with time.

Taken out of mime-myth-

The ever-ready feet is ready to jump

and heart readily pumps,

The risen ruined run reminds reserved rotten reprisals

The day now is not hump but a

lump insoluble, divisible just to make us numb.

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