Thursday, June 18, 2009


Astray has gone society,
We know with report and force
to the thing of today.
Past in it was too,sounds of
shame and full game!
Involved ,we are ,in it roaming to the
known-unknown world received!
Perceived to be true or untrue
In it or out of the blue,we pose,
Rising and falling every notions of it,
SLAUGHTERING each other to JUST get Noticed!
False assumptions raising their head and
Truly, true ones Fallen among the Dead!
Doth this is our society in which we respire,
By chance or else way ,plodding to change ,
This merely a fame-game ,but
'Who to blame?'As to this is attached
Pleading for some gold-green change to glow,
Oh Almighty ! Save us we are Almost to the FLAME!!


  1. Very true, we are on flame...people can recover from economic breakdown but that's never going to happen with social breakdown.
    Well composed...

  2. You have presented the facts of our lives through this poem.The poem is very good.